The principles and practices for discipleship and mission we teach are for everyone. They work in any context and with any audience imaginable. They are being practiced across denominations and ministry contexts: from missionaries in Central Africa, to company directors training their employees and everything else in between.

As the movement has grown, we’ve developed specialist ministry streams, working with some specific audiences. To learn more about these specialist tools and events, click on the audiences below. And if you don’€™t see a group that you’€™re curious about, contact us.

Accessible Prophecy

Many churches today are wanting to embrace the prophetic ministry, but have valid questions, such as:

  • How can we grow prophecy but also keep things ‘safe’?
  • How do we demystify the prophetic and make it accessible for everyone?
  • What’s the best way to encourage and release prophetic people?

Accessible Prophecy helps local churches to grow a healthy and mature prophetic culture. This is done through Prophetic Learning Communities, working with church teams from around the country. Coaching is also available through phonecalls and huddles. A fantastic resource called The Prophecy Course has been developed, which enables Christians to have a solid, Biblical understanding of prophecy and you can purchase or find out more about this here.

To find out more about accessible prophecy, visit the website by clicking here.

REBUILD – Youth, Students and Young Adults

Rebuild seeks to serve the heros, all around Europe and beyond, who are seeking to reach and disciple what many have called the ‘missing generation’ of the church … the youth, kids, university students and young adults. We believe that we can see this missing generation become the REBUILDing generation of the church. We seek to serve and equip those reaching this generation with resources, training and coaching. REBUILD seeks to serve the church as it aims to see a generation rebuilt.

3dmVOICE – releasing and equipping communicators

Being an excellent communicator is not necessarily a talent you were born with. It is a skill and a craft to be be learned like any other.

As a leader and communicator your body language plays an important role. How you communicate creates the culture around you. When you are preaching on a Sunday morning, giving a talk at a missional community or delivering a presentation at work, you can either be a vessel for the message to reach those who listen, or – due to unconscious body language – become an obstacle for the message.

Small adjustments and conscious behaviour is often enough for you to step up as a communicator and be able to catch the attention of the listeners in the way that you want to.

3dmVOICE offers a variety of ways to receive coaching, advice and input that empowers you to grow in this skill. Click here for more information

MBTI – Sharon Earl Consulting

Myers Briggs Type Indicator is the world’s most widely used personality assessment and for over 50 years it has helped countless people gain a clearer understanding of themselves and others.

Having been involved in pioneering Missional Communities in Sheffield for over a decade, Sharon Earl has experienced first hand how useful MBTI® has been in helping people develop personally and find their role. It has been an important tool to enable both individuals and teams communicate and function well together. Click here for more information.

Women’s Ministry

Our team of experienced leaders have expertise in engaging with leadership development for both younger and more mature female leaders, or wives of senior leaders. Through this, we are able to encourage, equip and support women in their God-given ministries. We are able to offer our experience in this through various forms of speaking and coaching. Please contact us for more information.

Children’s Ministry

Through many years of pioneering missional communities amongst children and families, we have developed a range of training resources and curricula to empower leaders of children’s ministries and families as they engage in discipling their children. We also have training events and speakers available to share our experience and expertise in this critical area of church ministry and community life. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.