The content we produce ranges from published books to blog materials, videos, training resources and more. All of our content communicates both the theology behind what we do and our practical experience of applying our learning in a local context. Through this, we are always looking to help you draw out the Biblical and practical principles around establishing a culture of discipleship and mission, which can be applied in any church community.

Accessing our content is a great way to discover our DNA and to start connecting with the movement.

Below is an overview of the various content we produce, which you can buy or access for free.


3DM has written and produced many best-selling books — most notably what we call our “core content” — which includes a series of books that mirror the immersion experiences in the Learning Community process. These help to expand on the new ways of thinking for those who attend, and help to communicate the principles those within your community back at home.

Covenant and Kingdom
Building a Discipling Culture
Multiplying Missional Leaders
Launching Missional Communities
Leading Kingdom Movements

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3DM Europe Blog
Throughout the month, we discuss the key issues that we hear church leaders asking around growing a culture of discipleship and mission in a local church context. We share our experience of developing structures and vehicles for missional discipleship, raising leaders with missional vision and seeing Missional Communities flourish in a post-Christian culture.

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Missional Communities Blog
The Missional Communities blog is our connection point for sharing stories and testimonies across a wide network of practitioners of Missional Communities.

The blog is thoughts, reflections, inspiration, challenge and experiences of Missional Community leaders from Churches across the UK. The blog digs into the practicalities of leading Missional Communities and shares stories to encourage & inspire you.

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Accessible Prophecy Blog
The Accessible Prophecy blog posts once a month their thoughts on prophecy and hearing God’s voice. The team share their personal experiences with prophecy alongside teaching about the prophetic. This blog is great if you want to learn more about prophecy and how to hear God’s voice, or if you are discipling people who also want to learn more about prophecy today.

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training curriculum

In response to growing demand from churches already on the journey of missional discipleship, we have produced a Leaders’ Training Curriculum. This curriculum equips churches to deliver high quality training to their current or emerging leaders who are looking to develop Missional Communities in their local context.

The curriculum contains everything required to deliver training to your own leaders, including presentation slides, speaker’s notes, and session handout materials for participants.

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Simon Ford – Content

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