If you make disciples you will grow the church. If you make disciples who can make disciples you will build a movement.

A discipling culture is the engine for long-term, sustainable mission. What we desire is a discipleship culture lived-out in a missional context. Whilst many of us have invested our lives into others, we have often been met with frustration when we don’t see 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation disciples. We need disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples.

Discipleship is about imitating Jesus; both becoming like Jesus and doing the things Jesus did. A 3DM Coaching Huddle will invest in you tools, practices and skills for imitating the life and ministry of Jesus. These tools, called Lifeshapes, are simple, memorable and reproducible, allowing you to pass them on to generation after generation. Jesus used parables for an oral culture; we use simple shapes for an image-based culture.

what are coaching huddles?

Coaching Huddles are a vehicle for giving leaders the tools for missional discipleship. As leaders use these tools they begin to see the principles of missional discipleship transform their own life, ministry and the lives of those they lead. Coaching Huddles provide a context for discipleship in relation to covenant identity and kingdom responsibility. Experience shows that as leaders engage with a life of missional discipleship for themselves, they can then begin to develop and grow disciples around them in their leadership context; this genuine experience of missional discipleship leads to disciples who make disciples, who make disciples.

Coaching Huddles are available for leaders including senior leaders, ministry leaders, business leaders and missional community leaders. A Learning Community or Workshop isn’t enough for transformation or transition – Coaching Huddles are the process that goes alongside this.

3 aims for Coaching Huddles:
1. That you will see personal transformation in your own discipleship
2. That you will experience the benefit of huddles as a tool for training leaders, better equipping you to lead huddles with your own leaders
3. That you will receive strategic coaching to help you implement a discipling culture and missional communities in your context

what to expect

Coaching Huddles operate on a weekly basis and are conducted using web communication tools such as Skype or Google+. They last 60 minutes, have between 3 and 6 participants and are led by one of the 3DM Europe Coaches. In these calls, you’ll have an opportunity to learn the tools for discipleship and mission and become increasingly familiar with the vehicles of huddle and missional community. In addition you will receive strategic insights and practical skills that equip you to disciple other leaders in your context and release them into mission.
3DM Europe Coaches are all experienced practitioners in Lifeshapes and missional communities – they are experienced disciple-makers, missional leaders and church leaders, proficient in our tools and vehicles, with proven results in their own ministry context.