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Accessible Prophecy is a ministry which has grown out of St Thomas’ Church Philadelphia in Sheffield which is a part of Network Church Sheffield. It is led by Cath Livesey who has many years of experience teaching and discipling people in how to hear God’s voice and use the gift of prophecy. Accessible Prophecy is part of 3DM Europe, forming part of their wider vision to resource the church for a movement of mission and discipleship that runs across every aspect of ministry.

The heart of Accessible Prophecy is to help prophecy to become a normal part of church life, to help every Christian to hear from God for themselves and for others, and to help local churches develop and grow a prophetic culture in a safe way.
We work with many churches across Europe who want to embrace prophetic ministry but have valid questions such as:

  • How can we grow prophecy but also keep things ‘safe’?
  • How do we demystify the prophetic and make it accessible for everyone?
  • What’s the best way to encourage and release prophetic people?

To help churches and individuals with these questions, and to help them grow in prophecy, we offer content, coaching, and communities.


The Prophecy Course

The Prophecy Course is designed to equip all people to hear from God, to use the gift of prophecy, and to understand how prophetic ministry can be a great blessing in the church today. As all Christian’s can learn to hear God’s voice, the course is designed to be very accessible so that even the most inexperienced in prophecy can engage with it. It gives participants both a solid, biblical foundation for their understanding of the prophetic and also the confidence to step out in faith to use the gift of prophecy practically. It is an 8 session course which is usually taken over a period of 8 weeks. Each session consists of four elements:

  • Teaching
  • Group Discussion
  • ‘Activation exercises’
  • Homework

The four elements mean that participants get the chance to process what they are learning with each other, reflect on it, practice with each other, and also take what they have learnt home with them and apply it in their own lives.
The Prophecy Course resource pack which can be purchased here is made up of DVD’s with recordings of the 8 teaching sessions, a course-leader’s book and pupil workbooks. The course-leaders book guides the leader through the course, suggesting an ‘Activation’ exercise, homework and questions for discussion for each session as well as explaining the key points to note and the aim and overview of the teaching for that week.

Accessible Prophecy also blog once a month on their website:


Prophetic Learning Communities are composed of church teams from around the country who gather once every 6 months for input, encouragement, challenge and goal-setting. They are a great way for any church to intentionally grow and expand prophetic ministry in a supportive environment.

The aim of Prophetic Learning Communities is twofold:

  • 1. To develop a relational network of people who have a heart for growing and developing prophetic culture and ministry in their local churches.

  • 2. To train and equip participants with all of the principles, skills, and tools necessary to grow and release this prophetic culture in their context.

Over a period of 2 years we focus on four different themes:

  • 1. Developing and Growing Prophetic Culture
  • 2. Raising up Prophetic People
  • 3. The Role of Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church
  • 4. Prophecy and Mission


If you would like to grow personally in your journey of hearing God and using the gift of prophecy we offer in-depth coaching on growing in the prophetic.
Coaching Huddles operate on a fortnightly basis and are conducted using web communication tools such as Skype or Google+. They last 60 minutes, have between 3 and 5 participants and are led by one of our experienced coaches. In these calls, you’ll have an opportunity to understand and process key Biblical principles of hearing God, as well as learning essential tools for discipleship. In addition you will receive the practical skills to equip you to disciple other people in your context and release them into prophetic ministry.

For more information or to get in touch, please e-mail

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Cath Livesey


“Cath came and led a fantastic training day on prophetic ministry for our 
ministry leaders. She brings a wealth of experience in this ministry and 
taught with great wisdom and insight, raising faith and expectation of God
speaking and equipping people in how to step forward in this ministry. She 
understood the need to create a safe place in order for people to grow and 
many people experienced God speaking to them and through them prophetically.
 If I were looking for someone I could trust to take my church members 
further on in the prophetic I would ask Cath every time.”
 John McGinley, Vicar, Holy Trinity Leicester

“What we’ve seen from running The Prophecy Course are changes on a personal level; people are becoming more aware that God is speaking to them and are stretching out to hear God’s voice, becoming more confident in hearing His voice. It’s an amazing thing to see that people are being encouraged by receiving words from God through another person and at the same time being encouraged by seeing that God is using them to encourage others. We know that there was always a longing in our church to hear God’s voice, and now we feel we have the tool to make that happen.” Ron Becker- Crossroads Church Rotterdam

“One of the things that stands out about St Thomas’ Philadelphia is the way that prophecy is integral to who they are as a church. Cath Livesey has a passion to see other churches moving more strongly in the prophetic, whatever their starting point. Cath generously invests in the teams on Learning Community and encourages churches to reach their potential. She is supported by a team who is equally committed to giving away the good things God has given St Tom’s. I would recommend the Prophetic Learning Community as an excellent resource for churches who want to embrace the prophetic in their life and ministry.” Anne Findley- Westwood Church

“The prophetic coaching huddle has been very helpful for me in terms of learning what prophecy is and discovering how God is speaking to me. It was helpful not only for hearing God for other people, but also for myself for encouragement and strengthening. The huddle has drawn me closer to God and I am amazed at how much I’ve grown since it started. It has motivated me to be active in the prophetic and to learn how God is working in the lives of the other participants.” Jeannette