what we believe



To see movements of missional discipleship started from and – lived out through – the local church
We want to play our part in serving, equipping and empowering the local church to make this happen




We believe that Jesus will change the world through the church
We believe that when we focus on making disciples, the church is formed
We believe that the church is the hands, feet and mouth of Jesus to a broken and lost world around us
We believe that every one of Jesus’ disciples is empowered by the Holy Spirit to be part of changing the world




Jesus as the model

Because the way of Jesus is as important as the words and works of Jesus

Family at the Core

Because we are a people and body before organisation or ministry

Following Jesus before leading others

Because who we are shapes what we do

Listening for the Word

Because becoming like Jesus is a journey that involves both Spirit and Truth

Life on the Edge

Because leaders by definition are the ones who go first

Servant leadership

Because Jesus showed us that leadership is about serving others