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What to Expect from a Learning Community

The two year Learning Community journey entails a carefully orchestrated process which progresses from discipleship to mission.

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This short video explains the 3DM approach to learning and why immersion experiences are so valuable.


A learning community is a series of 3/4-day immersion experiences that incorporates main stage teaching with tactical training, expert coaching, and a chance to experience proven vehicles for discipleship and mission.

At the conclusion of each immersion experience, you will leave with a detailed six-month plan to accomplish the things you believe God has called your church community to do.
Furthermore, the two-year process includes fortnightly coaching calls for senior leaders, as well as access to our content.

The trajectory of the Learning Community process:

1) Building a Discipling Culture (…)

The journey starts by looking at the key principles, values and learning points that help to create and establish a strong culture of missional discipleship. Together you will explore how shared culture, mindset and key values Covenant & Kingdom, Invitation & Challenge can help people take personal responsibility for their own discipleship and begin to live out their identity, faith, missional vision and calling.

2) Multiplying Missional Leaders (…)

This gathering looks at how to identify, develop, train and release leaders. This will include looking at vision and values, training infrastructure, intentional discipleship environments (huddles) and principles (Lifeshapes) for creating a culture of innovation and allowing the freedom to experiment.

3) Launching Missional Communities (…)

This gathering focuses on how to create, value and release the ‘spiritual households’€™ that impact their neighbourhood or network of relationships. There will be input on developing a balanced three-dimensional lifestyle of faith, community and mission and how that life can be expressed in many different ways. Teams will learn about the princinples and lessions learned from those involved in the process of establishing and releasing Missional Communities over the last 15 years.

4) Leading Kingdom Movements (…)

Teams look at the principles and practices of establishing a strong resourcing centre and how to establish prayer, develop training, practice hospitality and ensure strong pastoral care. Team focus on the mission centre as a resourcing base which missional communities orbit in and out of on a regular rhythm, thus growing a sustainable missional movement.

The process of a Learning Community Gathering

Each three-day gathering follows a process of asking the same three questions. You spend a day studying each question in detail:

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3



First, you spend time answering the question for your church community, €˜’What is?’€™ Where is there breakthrough? Where is God already working? Where is there frustration? What is the current battle? This process is designed to allow you and your team the space to honestly take stock of where things are at and reflect together.


Secondly, you pose the question, ‘€˜What could be?’€™ You explore this through teaching input, discussion, training and processing time with your team. This is a space where you can dream about what the future might hold and where God is calling you to.


The third and final stage of the immersion experience addresses the question, ‘What will be?’€™ At this point, you and your team are able to acknowledge the current reality, look to where God is calling you and then create a 6-month plan that is specific to your church. This process is facilitated through a variety of teaching inputs, scenario exercises, huddles, coaching, planning time and the advice of coaches who have years of experience in walking through this same process.

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