Does anyone we know think 3DM is a good idea?
Alan Hirsch | writer/speaker
“Everything that I write and speak about, 3DM teaches churches to actually do.”

Eddie Gibbs| missiologist, Senior Professor in the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary
Eddie has been a friend of 3DM for years and has sent many people with questions about the future of the church to visit 3DM Europe’s base in Sheffield. 
Is this a cookie-cutter model? Do all churches look the same? Are you just selling us the next “great” thing?
Very few of the churches we work with look the same. One reason for this is that we work with so many churches of varying denominations that it’s impossible to think there could be a cookie-cutter approach.Instead, we believe each church should be unique to its own context. There isn’t one “model” out there. But we believe and have seen that we can help leaders in the journey toward the church community God is calling them to be through applying the principles of discipleship and mission in their unique context.
All of this sounds nice, but what if we’re unsure if we want to commit time/money/resources?
We recommend visiting on of our workshops, where you get a real immersion into what we do and plenty of time to talk with your team, ask questions and dream about the future. These workshops provide a low-cost way to connect with 3DM Europe.We also provide free content through blogs and videos, which will help you investigate who 3DM Europe is and what we do.
I have been to a workshop. What’s the next step?
The best way to join the movement is by joining a Learning Community. Learning Communities are available in in different locations across the UK, Europe and the World. You can find more details or sign up to get more information here.
What’s a Huddle?
Over the past 20-25 years, we have developed a Discipleship vehicle we call Huddle. A Huddle has a Huddle leader and 4-8 other people. While this sounds similar to a small group, it is quite a different experience.We believe every church needs to know:

  1. What is your plan for making disciples?
  2. Does your plan work?

We have found that Huddles answer these questions in ways that other discipleship vehicles like Small Groups, Sunday School or Accountability Groups may not.

What’s a Missional Community?
The term “Missional Community” has come to mean many different things as it has sprung up in the past few years. We’ve been developing and using them for 20 years and define Missional Communities as groups of 15-30 people who act as a spiritual family on mission together and reach into a particular mission context.
Is what you’re doing Biblical?
Yes! All of our vehicles, such as Huddles and Missional Communities, find their foundation in an integrated theology of Covenant and Kingdom. We have more fully explained the connections in this book.
How are you able to work with so many different denominations without major theological conflict?
We are not a denominational body pushing a specific denominational agenda. We believe we are all part of ONE body and that all members of the body are needed to fulfill the last instructions Jesus gave to his disciples.Because we focus on the universals within the Christian body that we have in common (such as discipleship, leadership, community, mission, and the theology of Covenant and Kingdom), we are able to work with churches that have varying theological lenses.
What are your Terms & Conditions?
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