about us


3DM tools and training resource a global movement focused on coaching and training Christian leaders who will call, invest in and release disciples to live out the good news of Jesus.
3DM training combines many years of learning in a very secular European context with experience of working with churches, denominations and minstries worldwide — resourcing leaders who want to address the challenges facing the mission of the church.

3DM has trained numerous leaders and churches across Europe over the past 10 years. As a result of this, teams of trained leaders have emerged in different regions. They in turn are beginning to use the 3DM tools to train others in their regions and creating a multiplication of the initial training work. These regional teams, who each have a distinct identity, are known collectively as 16NINE. These leaders are all leading and serving in the local churches that they are a part of as they continue to engage in a shared journey in their regions.
You can find out more about these regional teams and their collective vision for Europe by visiting the 16NINE website.